Gunsmithing Specialties

Smith & Wesson Model 1913 and 32


These little S&W pocket guns were the companies first attempts at a semi-automatic pocket pistol. With a production of approximately 8350 model 1913's and about 957 of the model 32 there are not a lot of these guns around. These are unusual guns with many small, complicated parts. We have extensive experience cleaning, repairing and bringing both the 1913 & 32 back into firing condition. If you own one of these rare gems and need it serviced or repaired consider sending to us. 

Remington Model 51


These great little .32ACP & .380ACP pocket pistols are among the very best shooting .380ACP ever made. They are all getting to be 100 years old now and should be treated with the care care and respect. The average person may find these a bit difficult to work on, fear not, we work on these all the time. If you own one of these rare gems and need it serviced or repaired, consider sending to us. 

Webley 38 & 455


The Webley revolvers are generally very robust, but years of neglect and abuse can have a toll on the most robust mechanism. From a simple bare frame cleaning to complex timing issues, we can help get your old warhorse running again.   

AR Series Firearms


 You can hardly be in the gun business these days without working on the ubiquitous AR series of guns and we have had many years experience with them starting with my time in the Marine Corps. These are some of the most versatile guns ever made and we can modify yours to suite just about any purpose and level of reliability.   

1911 Series Firearms


 The iconic 1911 should have a place in every gun safe in America. From the battlefield to the field of action pistol competition the 1911 continues to outperform all rivals. 1911's have been chosen by the best military, law enforcement and competition shooters for over 100 years for a very good reason. From simple maintenance to building a custom gun from a bare frame there isn't much you would need done to a 1911 we have not done before.   

Smith & Wesson Revolvers


The tried, true and reliable Smith & Wesson double action revolvers have a hard earned reputation for ruggedness in environments all around the world. Not much has changed in these guns over the years, and that is a good thing. A well cared for Smith & Wesson revolver from the turn of the century will perform as good today as it did over 100 years ago with care and maintenance. We can refresh your old Smith or customize your new one.